Hello Pansypatchers!

Thanks to or brilliant friends and volunteers for all the help today bringing more fabulous colour to the patch!

We are happy to say the plants are all thriving and are growing into a jungle since we planted them just a few months ago.

We painted the wall a wonderful blue, added a CD cloud and started building our wonky rainbow.

Queen Johnny god a few more jewels on her crown and Ophelia Bush was given a gorgeous new headband!

We painted away until the sun went in then came in to have cream cakes and plan more PRIDE events!…watch this space!

Come along next Thursday and say hello! Its a friendly bunch of all ages at the moment, come and paint, plant so just drink tea!

Pansy patch news

Today the weather was a bit miserable but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits .up went the gazebo so our volunteers could start their designs on the drag queen heads Which are looking fabulous we now have miss Lavender curly box no name for our other drag queen so open to suggestions Pop down and tell us what you think . We were also given a rather large conifer tree which looks good on our patch . Be good to see you next week lots of tea and cake what’s not to like .


Come and hang out online , chat to people in a safe environment and find out what’s happening round and about If you would like an invite to the server please email with your name, d.o.b and discord user name and we can send you the link

LGBT Language and archives blog

Follow the link and see what we have found out, a bit of LGBT history. This project has been funded by the Herritage lottery

Update on pansy patch

Today we had a general tidy up weeding pathways and bedding boxes . All drag queen planters are now up and ready to be designed so if your feeling creative pop down and get creative next week be good to see you . Also planted the last planter with various plants and bulbs . A wicker flamingo has being filled with compost ready to be planted with bulbs it’s gonna be fabulous . Princess Johnny is our first drag queen head that’s being designed and is now watching over the pansy patch


Today we started to paint our FABULOUS drag-queen wall planters! These ladies will end up adorning the walls of the Pansy Patch, and will have beautiful botanical hairdos!

This is the queen of the patch, in progress…she just needs a lot more glitter, her make up finished and her jewellery on! Come along and help us next week!

We have three more to paint and plant and would love your ideas on designs and names, message our facebook page with your inspirations!

WEEK 2 PANSY PROJECT – Planters & Flamingos

Its week 2 of the Pansy Patch Project! We had some great volunteers joined us to plant up a huge planter for the back of the centre!

Lavender, Daisies and Pelargoniums we planted up and decorated with fabulous flamingos & sparrows!

We also gave the back walls of the centre and quick lick of paint to spruce up the space.

Triple chocolate cookies and cups of tea kept us going all afternoon!


We started the new gardening project here at the LGBT+ centre a few weeks ago. Thank you to the volunteers who came along to help us fill all the wonderful planters at the front of the centre.

We spent the afternoon flexing our muscles and filling our planters with soil kindly donated by West Coast Group,

Volunteers also planted lots of shade loving plants to brighten up Victoria Place, including Hostas, Anemone, Astilbe, Geum, Geranium and Acers, as well as Honeysuckle and Jasmine for some lovely fragrance!

We also enjoyed the sunshine and plenty of tea, squash, cake and chat!

New PiNC blog

Hi all welcome to the new blog follow Pride in North Cumbria and find out what’s going on in and out of the centre, current project that will be posting are , Pansy Patch, our gardening project, Discord our online youth group, we can also link you to out LGBT History project which is finding out about really old stuff and how LGBT terms and language came about/ We will also keep you updated on what’s happening because of the darn pesky pandemic other wise known as COVID. Keep an eye out and follow us thanks Pam